by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

L-R: Vice President Steve Cochran, President Bob Burns and Treasurer Jeff Langenderfer are strong advocates for their networking group.

Wealth in Numbers, or WIN for short, was the name insurance agency owner Bob Burns and financial planner Steve Cochran chose for the networking group they founded seven years ago. The two had been active in other groups and realized they wanted to have something else. They both shared a vision for a different kind of networking group.

“We understand how valuable this kind of group can be,” Burns stated. “We wanted to have a local focus but we wanted to do things a bit differently and keep it affordable,” he said.

With those concepts in mind, the two were soon joined by several other like-minded businessmen and women and WIN was formed. One of those who joined the group soon after its inception was Jeff Langenderfer of Resolute Bank. He now serves as treasurer working with Burns, the current president, and Cochran, the vice president.

WIN members pay $50 every six months.
They meet weekly on
Tuesdays from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.
at McCord Christian Church
4765 N. McCord Rd.

“We donate some of our membership funds to the church in return for the use of the room, which is a great space and a convenient meeting place for us. WIN is not affiliated with the church,” Burns related.

In addition to the fellowship, members each have one minute to talk about his or her business and then ask about specific needs. A different member at each meeting also has the opportunity to make an in-depth presentation about his or her business.

According to Cochran, the group is not category exclusive. “We have had people representing different industries,” he pointed out. “And we are always open to new members.”

“Through the years, membership numbers range from 15 to 25 people,” Cochran added. “We would welcome an accountant and an attorney to the group. I know I would find it helpful to have a florist, for example.”

“ We used to have one and it was so great to be able to call whenever I needed to send flowers to my wife, for example,” Burns said. “Our members support each other’s businesses whenever possible”

“It can be very helpful all around. I like doing business with people I know and trust,” he added. “Others in the group feel the same way.”

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