–by Mayor Craig Stough



Yes, can you believe it? It is time to go back to school in Sylvania. The Sylvania City Schools are scheduled to open on Aug. 20 for grades 1 through 6 and 9, Aug. 21 for grades 7, 8 and 10 through 12, and Aug. 27 for kindergarten.

Public education is perhaps the biggest contributor to the high quality of life in Sylvania. Many families, including my own clear back in 1961, moved to Sylvania for the quality of the Sylvania City Schools. Add to that our excellent private and parochial schools, and Lourdes University, and it is clear to see education is very important to the success of Sylvania.

Beginning Aug. 20, keep your eyes open for more traffic on the roads, children walking and biking to school and school busses in the neighborhoods. Keep a safe distance from all, including school busses stopped for loading and unloading.


Aug. 20 is notable for a couple other reasons in Sylvania this year. The road and sewer improvements at Monroe and Main Streets are scheduled to be completed by then and the intersection reopened to traffic on Aug. 20 in time for the start of school. The project is replacing 24-inch sewers that are more than 100 years old that were beginning to collapse. The contractor is working 10-12 hour days, 7 days a week until the project is complete. Any remaining final asphalt pavement and striping will occur at night after Aug. 19.


The Sylvania Branch of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library is also scheduled to reopen on Aug. 20, also just in time for the opening of schools. Closed for about a year, the library has been enlarged and totally remodeled into a new and modern library. Sylvania is very fortunate to have two modern library branches in town, the Sylvania Branch and the recently constructed King Road Branch.

A formal ribbon cutting for the Sylvania Branch Library is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 7, at 5:30 p.m., with the celebration lasting from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. That day was selected to be part of the First Friday Night Red Bird Art Walk in downtown Sylvania, and that night’s Art Walk theme will be the Library.

Aug. 20 is a big day in Sylvania this year, signaling the end of summer construction and school summer vacation. As schools reopen and we return to fall schedules, come out and enjoy all that Sylvania has to offer!