by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Becky Drayton showcases one of the freshly baked pies that is a specialty of her eatery.

“This is the place for pie,” promises Becky Drayton, the new owner of the Cinnamon Stick Diner and Pie Bakery. “You can stop in and enjoy a piece of your favorite or buy the whole pie.”

“And you can order other things as well,” she added.

Drayton just happened to be in the right place at the right time. She had been looking for a business that she could own and manage. About the same time the Cinnamon Stick Bakery owner, Amvrosios Chrysanthou, was hoping to sell his businesses so he could retire and spend time traveling.

Drayton had been in management positions throughout her career, most recently as the Toledo Botanical Garden’s Visitor Services Coordinator, overseeing the Seasons Gift Shop, facility rentals and group tours. She was ready for a change and she and the former owner began talking seriously about the Cinnamon Stick. When she and Chrysanthou began negotiations, he convinced her that she could learn the restaurant business with no trouble and her management skills would serve her well.

“Amvrosios, his wife, Maureen, and I have been friends for about 30 years. During the last seven months, both Amvrosios and Maureen have shared their restaurant business expertise with me. There are many facets to owning your own business. They are generous, amazing people and this worked well for me,” she said. “I was ready for new challenges, and it has been great. I was taught how to cook on the grill and how to bake everything, including pies. “While I do not plan to cook or bake on a regular basis, at least I know how and can step in if I need to.”

In just a short time, Drayton has put her touch on the eatery, making a point of getting to know customers and making them feel comfortable. “I want this to be a warm, welcoming place,” she stated, “And, we plan to celebrate all of the seasons and holidays in very special ways.”

The newly named Cinnamon Stick Diner and Pie Bakery, 3535 Holland-Sylvania Rd., is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner It serves breakfast all day. “Of our many selections, our knife-and-fork sandwiches are very popular,” Drayton said. “And we plan to build on those favorites as I add to the menu.”

She continued, “To date, we have received great community support. Pies number as one of our specialties. And it is amazing to see how people really love a piece of pie. There is a pie ‘diary’ on the table, where people can record their favorite pie memories. Pie invokes wonderful memories from childhood when a mother, aunt or grandma could crimp a pie like nobody’s business or they would pick rhubarb out of the backyard and before you knew it there was a delicious pie for dinner!”

People have told Drayton the most important part of a pie is the crust. “But best of all it is great to see the look of pleasure on people’s faces as they are eating pie.” she stated. “I want people to think this is the place for pie and other things, of course.”