–by Mayor Craig Stough


Downtown Street Banner
Have you noticed the new street banner spanning Main Street in downtown Sylvania welcoming Lourdes University students to Sylvania? The location and banner were requested and paid for by Lourdes University to help their new university students take note of and visit downtown Sylvania. The banner is temporary and two more Lourdes University banners are planned during the academic year.

The street banner adds to the special character of our downtown. City Council recently authorized this new banner location with legislation, adding it to the other available street banner location over Monroe Street in front of the County Squire Shopping Center. The Monroe Street location has been available since 2000, but has had little use in recent years.

mayors message pic
–Photo furnished by mayor of Sylvania’s office

Other organizations also have the opportunity to apply for and use this downtown banner location. The purpose of the banner must be a Sylvania charitable event or have a civic purpose to benefit the community. Banners may not be installed for private, commercial or political gain. Applications require a $100.00 fee and each must be approved by Sylvania City Council. The requesting organization must pay for the banner, provide liability insurance and maintain the banner.

The downtown street banner is suspended on a cable installed by the city several years ago to support a holiday garland. The cable continues to be used for large decorative lights during the holiday season. Two new anchors were installed lower on the supporting buildings to hold the bottom of the banner. The Downtown Sylvania Association paid for this.

My thanks to the Sylvania Area Chamber of Commerce and the DSA for their help and support planning for downtown street banners, and to the building owners for their cooperation! The beautiful canopy lights and holiday lights that were installed over Main Street last year were also with the assistance of the Chamber.