by Killeen French-Hill

student writer
Writer Killeen French-Hill

Many people are unaware of the Garden Club at Maplewood Elementary School. Directed by Georgie Keyees, this group meets once a week in the school’s garden. This large area is bursting with herbs, flowers, and a variety of vegetables.

In this exceptional club, people have the experience of getting their hands dirty while digging into the earth as they plant and harvest potatoes, corn, squash, and beans, along with a variety of flowers. Members even get to hang out with the worms once in a while.

Although the club focuses on nurturing our environment, students, under the guidance of Ms. Georgie, also do interesting crafts with their resources. Recently, they each made an individual dream catcher using willow branches. Along with this, the group also makes scarecrows and scatters them around the entrance of the school. In the winter, club members make wreaths using items such as twigs, ribbons, and pinecones. During the spring, the group is involved in butterfly raising and learning how to pollinate.

Everyone knows Ms. Georgie loves gardening, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Throughout the year, students learn the importance of responsibility, environmental awareness, and how to be good stewards of the planet. Ms. Georgie’s Garden Club leaves participants with good memories. All I can say is that it was a brilliant idea for Ms. Georgie to start the club at Maplewood, bringing joy to many people.