by Mike Jones

Fence variance allowed
If the adage, “good fences make good neighbors,” is true, two homeowners on Jimson Court will soon find out if a bigger fence makes for better neighbors. The two recently received permission from the Sylvania Township board of zoning appeals to erect fences of eight feet in height along their adjoining rear lot lines. In their zoning district, the maximum height allowed is six feet.

The two who sought the waiver on the height restriction are Todd Simpson, of 8817 Jimson and Michele Stuckey of 8809 Jimson. In similar letters sent to the Sylvania Township zoning office, both homeowners said they needed the extra height to shield their view and, hopefully, some of the noise from a swimming pool recently installed at the home behind them at 8752 Slate Ridge.

In order to install the pool, they said, the backyard grade of that home was built up so that it is now about four feet higher than the backyards of the houses on Jimson Court. Simpson said he had installed six trees in his backyard to try to alleviate the issue, but noted that it may take several years before the trees have grown enough to be of significant help. Ms. Stuckey said she had three trees planted on one side of her backyard for the same purpose.

They each said they had the approval of their homeowners association if the township board approved the variance. The five-member board allowed for the variance unanimously.

Township Housing Permits
On the last day of 2016, the Sylvania Township planning office issued its 100th permit for construction of a single-family home for that year. There was no real benefit to that, but the office staff was happy because the century mark had been established as something of a goal after the number of permits had fallen to a low of 28 in 2009 during the financial crises.

Single-family housing permits had been on a general uptrend, but hitting the 100 mark brought some good feelings.

The township fell back slightly last year, issuing a total of 91permits. There will be no nervously watching the door this year to see if someone is bringing in a last-minute request in order to reach 100. As of the end of September, there have already been 104 granted.

There is no single development or circumstance which accounts for the surge, officials said. Just a steady number of permits over the year. If any number comes into play as this year comes to a close it may be the record high of 134 set in 2006.