–by Mayor Craig Stough

Mayor Stough
Happy Thanksgiving
When I meet with groups of students, I often start by telling them how fortunate they are to be living here in Sylvania. There are kids all over the world who would give almost anything to change places with them, and who are working hard at their studies to someday have all we have here in Sylvania.
I think that is true for all of us adults as well. We spend our days enjoying all the many good things living in Sylvania has to offer, and have the choice to live here through our hard work and good fortune. At this time of the year, it is good to reflect on and be thankful for all we have and enjoy living here in Sylvania.

We enjoy peace and safety. Recent local, state and national elections took place peacefully and honestly. That is an American tradition that has proven hard to establish in much of the rest of the world.
Our neighborhoods are safe to raise our families in. We have excellent safety forces in our police and fire departments who respond quickly in emergencies. Sylvania has many excellent career public servants operating our City services efficiently and responsibly.
We have excellent schools in Sylvania that continue to draw new residents to move here. Just as my family chose Sylvania almost 60 years ago because of the quality of the Sylvania Schools, so do families today. Sylvania also has several excellent private schools, and Lourdes University offering higher education.
World class healthcare is right here in Sylvania with Flower Hospital and all the many services that campus has to offer. People travel to Sylvania to be able to use what is right here in our City.
We have a wonderful Senior Center. We have a wide diversity of religious opportunities. Our service organizations are active. Our downtown is growing. Sylvania also has terrific athletic and sports opportunities thanks to the highly successful Sylvania Area Regional Joint Recreation District, one of the first and best in Ohio.
One of the best things about Sylvania is the quality of the people living here. We have so many residents volunteering their time in the hospital, in the schools, in recreation programs, in churches and so many more. It never ceases to amaze me how many people are working to make Sylvania a better place.
I am thankful to be here in Sylvania. It is a great place to live, work and raise a family.
Happy Thanksgiving!