Fineske Adam
Adam Fineske –

As Sylvania Schools continues to move through this time of growth, we are very excited about the opportunities that growth presents. There has never been a better time to expand our knowledge of the world as we welcome to Sylvania new families, new cultures, and new ways of thinking that help us better understand our world and ourselves. Sylvania, not only as a school district, but also as a community, must grasp this opportunity in front of us to draw upon the strength of our differences. As we feel that strength we will celebrate our world, a world full of wonderful cultures, a variety of traditions, and true treasures.

Understanding and celebrating our diversity will make us even more unique and ultimately more successful as a community. In doing this we can’t just tolerate diversity, we must accept and learn to truly prepare not only our children but ourselves for future success in the world. We are so proud of the strength built from the experiences of our own teachers and staff, which leads us as a community to better coordinate efforts to meet the needs of our growing and diverse student population. Our Board of Education, school leaders, teachers, staff and many other partners in our community join in this united effort. The Sylvania Diversity Team is charging forward, driven by the leadership of the Director of Diversity, Mr. Chester Trail, a strong partnership with our Social Services for the Arab Community (SSFAC) Organization, and our expanded English Learner (EL) Staff in Sylvania, including our new Director of English Learning, four certified EL teachers and four bilingual assistants supporting over two hundred students in our twelve schools every day. These talented, dedicated, and passionate professionals do amazing work to support all of our kids and teachers.

The end of the year brings a season of holiday traditions, a time to celebrate the beauty of each culture that builds our Sylvania. In honor of these celebrations, I ask you to join me in this challenge and grasp this opportunity to better yourself because of it. I ask you to grow and learn from the diversity in Sylvania. Let’s continue to work together, let’s benefit from the knowledge that the growing diversity in our community can bring, and let’s show just how we work, just how…Sylvania…WORKS!
Our district is thankful for all of the support our growing community gives our schools and we wish you a heartfelt, peaceful, and healthy holiday season!