–by Mike Jones

Hiring approved
Sylvania Township safety forces will remain at full strength with the hiring approvals recently passed by the township trustees. Police Chief Paul Long requested authority to hire three officers to replace two who retired at the end of the year and one who is retiring at the end of February.

Fire Chief Mike Ramm got approval to move two firefighters from part-time status to full-time. He will also bolster the part-time roster with the approval to hire seven people in that status.

Holiday tree disposal
Sylvania Township is again offering a place for residents to dispose of their Christmas trees. Residents may place their trees in a fenced-in area at the southwest corner of the parking lot of the township administration building, 4927 Holland-Sylvania Rd. Trees should be left in the area with temporary fencing. All lights, decorations, and tinsel must be removed.
There will be no street-side tree collection.

Repaving approved
Sylvania Township trustees have approved a contract for repaving much of the driving and parking area around the township administration building. Rob Nash, superintendent of the road department, said the parking and driving area to the south of the building have been judged not to need repaving at this time. That is the area used primarily by township employees and the general public.

Other drives and parking areas are more often used by road department trucks and fire engines, which come for fuel, so are in greater need of repaving.
The contract has been awarded to Allied Paving, which submitted the lowest bid of $98,136.30 for the job.
The number of single-home building permits issued by the Sylvania Township planning and zoning department through November continued to show a significant increase over the previous year.

Karlene Henderson, head of the department, told trustees at a recent meeting that 121 permits were issued through November compared to   69 the previous year.  Not only has the number increased substantially but so has the total value of the housing construction. The total value of the homes for which permits were granted totaled about $32 million through November, compared to a total of about $22 million in the previous years.

No single large development is responsible for the increase, but just a steady stream of people wanting to build in Sylvania Township.

Although there is no specific correlation, it is generally thought that housing permits are an indication of the health of the local economy.
In the last 20 years, the annual record high is 256 in  2004.  The low of 28 was set during the financial crises in 2009.

Reorganization meeting
The annual reorganization of the Sylvania Township trustees will take place during the body’s regular meeting Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m.
The trustees will choose a chairman and a vice-chairman for the upcoming year as well as establish a regular meeting schedule.