–by Jennifer Ruple

Jennifer Ruple

Lisa and Nate Roehrig’s passion for great roasted coffee began in 2003 while the couple was on their honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii. “We were really impressed by the coffee there. It was so much fresher and really different from anything we had ever been around,” said Lisa Roehrig. Since then, the Roehrig’s have grown to appreciate coffee beans grown from different regions. “The coffee we had in Hawaii had always been in the back of our minds, and we would order coffee beans from there for special occasions.”

Nate and Lisa Roehrig

About five years ago, the couple began roasting coffee in their Sylvania home as a hobby. “Through the craziness of the day, we always looked forward to quiet time with a cup of coffee,” said Roehrig. “We liked sharing coffee together, so we thought let’s try roasting it together.” In May of 2018, their newly established company, Get ROEHsted, was introduced to the public with the Sylvania Farmers Market being one of their first venues.

The Roehrigs share in the business decisions for Get ROEHsted. “We bounce ideas off each other. Nate, who has an engineering background, enjoys the roasting process and the science behind it. I do more of the marketing and participating at functions,” said Roehrig. “He gets the beans in my hands, and then I take them and run with them,” she added.
The couple has three children, Chloe 13, Gavin 12 and Brolin 5, who all enjoy helping with the company in different ways. “Chloe helped serve coffee at an Olander Park anniversary event and handed out samples at the farmers market. Gavin and Brolin help set up and tear down our display for events. We all work together which helps make it a learning experience as well as a fun family experience,” stated Roehrig. The five beans in the company’s logo represent the five members of the family.  
Get ROEHsted’s beans are purchased from distributors around the country that source their beans directly from the farmers who grow them. The beans are green and dried but haven’t been roasted yet. “We pick what’s in season and don’t add any flavors to our coffees,” said Roehrig. The couple prefers beans from South America, Central America and Africa. “Typically beans from South and Central America have more chocolate notes that you can bring out when roasting, and African beans have more fruit notes,” she explained. In terms of the company’s blends, “It’s a little bit of experimentation. We mix beans we think would go well together,” said Roehrig. “We pride ourselves in trying to bring out a good flavor in our beans.”

The Roehrigs roast their coffee in small batches of less than 10 pounds at a time. “We usually roast a couple of days a week, depending on demand. We roast it, and then we sell it. We don’t want to roast a lot at one time and have it sit around. We want it to be as fresh as possible when customers get it,” explained Roehrig. “We also date the bag, so you can tell it’s super fresh.”

Get ROEHsted coffee is sold in 10-ounce bags in whole bean form to ensure that the beans are the freshest possible when they are ready to be used. “Most grocery stores have a grinder available for those who don’t have one,” mentioned Roehrig. Current varieties available include the company’s popular signature blend, Tree City Blend, a medium roast which has tasting notes of nuts, milk chocolate and maple. Snow Emergency, an earthy and smooth winter blend, will be available through at least February.

Red, White and Brew, a creamy bodied coffee with chocolate notes and a hint of spice, was available over the summer months. “We plan to have it available next summer,” said Roehrig. The couple’s River Trail Blend was available in the fall. “It’s a bit bolder of a coffee, and it was very popular. We may bring it back sooner than just limiting it to fall.”

Guatemala Swiss-Water Decaf was added to the company’s menu after receiving several requests for a decaffeinated option. “We chose to use a Swiss-Water bean because it is a chemical-free process of removing caffeine from unroasted beans.”

Get ROEHsted coffee is available through getroehsted.com, at Sautter’s Market in Sylvania and at Walt Churchill’s in Maumee. Coffee subscriptions are also available through the company’s website for those who would like their coffee delivered to their doorsteps. Weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly subscriptions are offered on a “Roaster’s Choice” basis, ensuring customers receive a variety of blends. In terms of the future for Get ROEHsted, “We plan to keep our company moving and get our coffee out into more places,” Roehrig mentioned. “Right now, Nate and I both enjoy being out in the public and introducing our coffee to more people.”