–by Sneha Kamath

Taylor Langhals

Although the city of Toledo has already been coined as the “historic home of Jeep,” the area’s connection with the company was recently deepened through the work of Taylor Langhals, a Sylvania native who made significant contributions to the Jeep Gladiator’s new design. While revisions to the new Gladiator—including a new towing capacity of 8,000 pounds and cargo capacity of 1,600 pounds—appealed to the general lot of Jeep’s consumers, the Toledo community has found the new truck to be even more special with its additional feature of a “Heart 419” engraving that is located in the bed of every produced model. In an interview, Langhals expressed his satisfaction with Toledo’s enthusiasm towards his tribute to the city as he stated, “For us, it almost makes it a little bit easier to have such a strong brand heritage that we can work with.” Langhals’ story serves as a friendly reminder of Jeep’s roots and continued relationship with Toledo.