–by AdVantage Staff
PUBLICATION DATE: March 05, 2019

Sarah Hackett, Beautiful Blooms by Jen owner, Jen Linehan, center,
and designers Sarah Hackett, left and Colleen Barnhart, right, are pleased
to be in the new loction.
—Jp Photography

Beautiful Blooms by Jen has moved to 5675 N. Main St., just around the block from its former location on Summit Street.
“We love being on Main Street in the heart of downtown Sylvania,” noted Jen Linehan, “As soon as we found out this space was available, Colleen Barnhart and I came by to check out the space to make sure it would work for us. We made the decision to move the business here immediately,” she remembered.
The new space has been adapted to meet the needs of the BBBJ floral team. Showroom space has been created along with a conference area for wedding and event planning as well as floral design space.
While the business will be open beginning the first of March, a grand opening celebration is planned following Mother’s Day.
Linehan started the business 11 years ago, providing floral arrangements for weddings and other events on weekends and evenings while she was teaching full time. That first year, she did 12 weddings and the second year 28. “I will always be partial to the weddings we do,” Linehan said. “I love the look on my brides’ faces when they first see their flowers and everything comes together after all of the time spent planning. I enjoy making people happy,” she said. Linehan credits the growth of her wedding business with the attention she pays to details and the relationships she develops with her clients.
“I don’t just design the flowers and drop them off. I stay to pin on the corsages and the boutonnieres and make sure that everything about my flowers is perfect.”
In addition to taking pride in her finished products, Linehan is also eager to keep abreast of new trends. She is active in Ohio and Michigan floral organizations and regularly attends trade conventions and workshops to learn about the latest trends in the industry. She is the only Ohio certified florist in the area. Thanks to her involvement in the state-wide organizations, she has developed an active network of sources for specialty flowers and foliage, which contributes to her signature designs. “I am always asking my suppliers what unusual things they have, such as fun tropicals or orchids, and what is everyone else not getting. I like to use those flowers that most others do not incorporate in their arrangements,” she said. “I can also design the more traditional arrangement if that is what my customer requests, or I can do a more modern or contemporary design.”