by Sylvania AdVantage Staff
PUBLICATION DATE: April 02, 2019

Alicia Yoxthimer and one of her clients, Finn.

When Alicia Yoxthimer found herself in the difficult situation of helping her husband recover from a near-death experience, she took no time at all to resign from her position, which she loved, to focus on his care.
As his recuperation progressed, Yoxthimer was able to assess her own situation and realized that she was ready for a new venture.
“I have been in banking for over 30 years and I was ready to take the opportunity to retire,” she reported.
Several years ago, Yoxthimer suffered an aneurysm while tending her garden. She credits her dog, Cricket, whose barking alerted her family to her condition and, she said, saved her life. After her hospitalization, she relates her full recovery to the love and care of her family and especially to the attention and comfort she received from Cricket who never left her side. “Cricket had always been special, but went over the top for me,” Yoxthimer stated. “My appreciation for Cricket continued to grow and as she grew older, I was most concerned about her well being whenever we left her for any period of time.”
“For the past five years, after Cricket passed, I began taking care of dogs for people who chose to not kennel their pet or pets when they are going out of town. I realized how important it is to find a safe and loving environment for one’s pet,” she added.
“So, when I was considering what to do, I decided to actually turn my passion into a business. I love to help other people and I realized how much I love taking care of animals. Dogs are very important to me and I know from personal experience how valuable it is to have a safe, trustworthy place to take your dog when you are away,” she said. “And that is how Dog the Competition came to be.”
Yoxthimer accepts only one client at a time to ensure that she provides personalized service to each of her four legged charges. New clients are encouraged to spend a three-hour block of time with Yoxthimer in her home so she and the new dog or dogs can become acquainted and acclimated to each other.
“I get to know everything about each dog that I watch and keep his or her routine as close to normal as possible,” she said.
Depending on the dog, Yoxthimer spends time walking and playing with each animal in her care. She has a dog pool in her yard for those who like to swim or be in the water. She also will take the dog in her charge to vet and or grooming appointments.
“I like to think I do whatever needs to be done,” she offered.
More information can by found on Facebook under dog the competition.