by Mike Jones
PUBLICATION DATE: April 16, 2019

Zoning variances
Zoning variances have been approved by the Sylvania Township board of zoning appeals which will allow for the development of two new restaurants in the area. The board approved an exception to a requirement that the Brint Road frontage for the former Village Inn be 35 feet from the road. An addition planned for the east end of the building will be only 5.7 feet from the public right-of-way. As part of a building renovation, the addition will include ADA restrooms. The plan commission staff recommended approval of the variance. The primary reason for that recommendation is that the building was constructed prior to the extension of Brint Road to Harroun Road. The extension of Brint made the building non-conforming to the township zoning resolution, but not by any action of the property’s owner or the current applicant. The new restaurant will be Cameo Pizza at the Inn, according to zoning documents. Cameo Pizza has its origins in Sandusky in the 1930s and has other locations in Ohio.
 The other proposed restaurant to obtain a zoning variance is a Waffle House at 5445 Monroe St. The restaurant is designed to abut the east portion of the property of Mancy’s Italian restaurant. The variance needed from zoning requirements deals with the rear of the property where a portion of the 0.4-acre parcel adjoins residential property. Zoning rules require a landscape buffer of 30 feet be established between commercial and residential property.
Established commercial uses along that stretch of Monroe Street are not in compliance with the 30 foot buffer and the plan to share a cross-access drive with the auto maintenance business to the east were reasons given by the applicants to approve the variance. There was an added condition that the additional screening and landscaping will be at the discretion of the board and shall be enforced by the township zoning department.

Radio purchase
The Sylvania Township trustees have approved accepting a bid from Motorola to allow for the purchase of a number of radios for the township fire department. The cost of the equipment will be considerably reduced with funding from a grant announced last year from the Federal Emergency Management Administration of more than $700,000 to be shared by several area fire departments. 
The bid from Motorola was for nearly $900,000. The bid was the lowest submitted, but more expensive than anticipated, so each of the departments will likely have to reduce the amount of equipment they had originally sought. Sylvania Township’s fire department had been approved for purchasing up to 20 portable units, which are worn by firefighters, and nine mobile units which are installed in fire vehicles. A meeting of the departments is scheduled to determine what each intends to do.
Other departments which are to share in the grant are Toledo, Rossford, Maumee, Whitehouse, Richfield and Jerusalem townships.
Sylvania Township Fire Chief Mike Ramm said the grant announcement was particularly timely because Motorola had stated that it was planning to discontinue production of the radios currently in use by the end of the year. Although there would be an inventory of parts available for a time to repair current radios, it would reach a point where they would have to be replaced.  The FEMA grant will be a big help in that regard Ramm noted.