by Sylvania AdVantage Staff

Pat Wahl of The Village Candy Shoppe, second from left, welcomes Trisha Koelsch, her grandson Anthony, and his dad Adam Koelsch, who were visiting from Vermont, along with her daughter Andrea Ballentine, and her son Aiden from Indiana for a surprise birthday ride for Anthony.

Wouldn’t it be fun to pedal around downtown Sylvania in a “Sweet” surrey? The answer to that question was a resounding “yes” from the entrepreneurial owner of the Village Candy Shoppe, Pat Wahl. The new vehicle appropriately debuted at the May 3 Art Walk, “Pedals and Petals” in the Red Bird Arts District, which featured bicycles and flowers.
An avid bicycle rider, Wahl had been exploring different styles of bikes she could have available at her store for her and her customers to enjoy. When she ran across
this Surrey Deluxe from the International Surrey Co., she knew this was exactly what
she wanted.
“How fun this is to pedal around in downtown. It fits on the path that winds through the Sylvania Historical Village and on the sidewalk, as well,” Wahl offered. “Also, people driving by will see this and be curious. My hope is that this ‘Sweet’ surrey will become an attraction and another reason people will come to Sylvania,” she said.
Wahl anticipates having her surrey available for all local downtown events including parades. She plans to pedal the surrey to the weekly Sylvania Farmers Market, as well. “If someone wishes to use the surrey for a special occasion such as a birthday celebration, they can just stop in the Village Candy Shoppe and talk with me,” she noted.
“For example, one of my customers, Trisha Koelsch brought her son Adam Koelsch and daughter Andrea Ballentine, his son Anthony and her son Aiden who were visiting from Vermont and Indiana. She arranged with me to use the surrey as a surprise to celebrate Anthony’s seventh birthday,” Wahl reported.
According to Wahl, the surrey is 48 inches wide, six feet long and six feet tall. There are two sets of pedals and it can be safely propelled by one or two people. The children’s seat on the front of the surrey can hold two children.