by Mike Jones

J. Cunningham Ditch
Sylvania Township trustees have agreed to petition the Lucas County commissioners to design and construct an enclosure for a waterway known as the J. Cunningham Ditch, which runs along the south property line of McCord Junior High School.
Rob Nash, township road superintendent, told trustees that the waterway regularly jams and the water invades the yards of homes adjoining it. In addition to the natural amount of debris, which can cause problems in a ditch, he noted that it also gets debris from the athletic fields behind the school. He told trustees that township crews go to the site twice every year and haul “dump trucks full” of debris away each visit. He is asking that the county design and construct what will be essentially a tiled, covered waterway which should cut down debris and allow for the free flow of water in the ditch. The top of the construction will see grass seeding to improve the backyards of the abutting property owners.
In the past, the property owners would have been assessed for the cost of the improvements but Nash said the costs will be paid by the Lucas County Stormwater Utility. He added that he hopes to have several other ditch improvements underway this spring and summer.

TARTA Sunday service
Sylvania Township trustees have voted to contribute $2,500 toward Sunday bus service by TARPS for bus transportation on Sundays.
The funds will go to the Area Office on Aging, which has taken a lead role in getting TARPS service resumed after it and other services were curtailed in a cost-saving move by TARTA. The contribution came on a unanimous vote arising from a motion made at an earlier meeting by Trustee Neal Mahoney. He said he’d been in discussions with county officials on long-term actions underway meant to deal with regional public transportation. He added that making a contribution to the effort to keep TARPS active on Sundays was a way to show “we’re serious about regional transportation.”
TARPS Sunday service for the elderly and disabled was resumed with local contributions and a federal grant. The money will go toward the total of nearly $330,000 needed to keep the service through the end of the year.

Permit approval
The Lucas County plan commission has recommended approval of a conditional use permit, which would allow for construction of a church on Herr Road. The panel voted unanimously in favor of the plans of the Apostolic Christian Church to build a church on a 6.33-acre parcel at 3730 Herr Road. The land is currently undeveloped. According to the plan commission staff, the church has incorporated plans for future expansions for the church. An amendment to the current approval should be required for each future expansion, according to the staff report. Included in the plans is also the potential for a future fellowship hall with additional parking. The land is currently zoned for agricultural use.