Sylvania Bridge Report
National news reports regularly bring the deteriorating condition of bridges into the public eye. Although Sylvania has nothing to compare with the span or traffic load of many of the deteriorating bridges nationally, I thought you might be interested in the condition of our local Sylvania bridges.
The city of Sylvania maintains fourteen bridges – 12 vehicular, one pedestrian and the bridge deck only of the Monroe Street bridge over US 23. The Monroe Street bridge is owned by ODOT, and Sylvania is responsible for maintaining only the surface of the deck.

All 14 of these bridges are inspected annually by ODOT through a third party contract with a local engineering consultant. These inspections are performed at no cost to the city.
The bridges are rated on an ODOT scale of “0” – failed condition to “9” – as built condition. Sylvania’s 12 vehicular bridges received one “4,” four “6s,” three “7s,” three “8s” and one “9.”
Sylvania has replaced several bridges in the past years as a result of these annual bridge inspections finding deterioration of the bridge structures. The Erie Street bridge over Schreiber Ditch was replaced in 2012 after the previous inspections found unanticipated structural deterioration, and the bridge is now rated “8.” Prior to that, the Main Street bridge over Ten Mile Creek was replaced in 2007 and is now rated “9.”
The next bridge needing reconstruction is the Silica Drive bridge over Ten Mile Creek near Northview High School. The bridge was built in 1938 and is now beginning to show deterioration, and last fall received a rating of “4.” Although not currently a concern for failure, the bridge is listed on ODOT’s 2019 Municipal Bridge Target List and has been added to the city’s capital improvement budget for engineering and replacement in the next few years.
The city is applying for 90 percent of the $1,539,022 estimated replacement project cost through ODOT’s Municipal Bridge Program and Ohio Public Works Commission grant programs. The city’s expense for the project (5 percent of construction plus engineering) is estimated to be $153,998 (10 percent).
The other nine city vehicular bridges and their inspection ratings are: Harroun Road over Ottawa River – “7,” Erie Street over McPeek Drain – “7,” Monroe Street over North Ten Mile Creek – “6,” Hedingham Road over Rice Ditch – “6,” Old Farm Lane over Schreiber Ditch – “6,” Apple Meadow Drive over Schreiber Ditch – “6,” Kevin Lane over Schreiber Ditch – “7,” Old Post Road over Ten Mile Creek – “8” and Bonniebrook Road over Ten Mile Creek – “8.”
Bridge replacements are inconvenient and expensive, but necessary for safety. When needed, the city of Sylvania will complete them as efficiently and economically as possible.